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While the quest to cut carcinogens wages on, the solutions seem to be getting bigger. Pyrex tanks, bulky batteries and parts that need consistent maintenance are everywhere. Pant pockets bear signs of carrying enormous alternatives to lighters and soft-packs. Purses weigh more than they should.

But why? We’ve been conditioned to think that bigger is better. ACCUVAPE set out to prove differently and launched the V.Stick in October of 2013.

Sleek and simple to use, this personal oil vaporizer weighs under 20 grams empty and fits in the palm of your hand, pocket or purse. Giving you your skinny jeans back and the freedom to vape what you want, ACCUVAPE brought the sexy back—giving stiletto stoners a new option and bringing the cool-factor of James Dean to the now.

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  • C.Stick By AccuVape blew my mind. The fact I’m able to load about .3 inside of the atomizer really excites me since I love sharing with my friends and usually have about five heads when we sesh. I’ve even used it as a portable e-nail and plugged it up to my rig to get some water filtration going and let me tell you, it gave a really, really good hit!
    - R. Starr
  • THANK YOU so much Sirs for allowing me to review your product, AccuVape V.Stick pen Vaporizer kit. I love it. Simple! I have ceased smoking cigarettes now for 2 years, my V.pen is almost that old now! I am using it as a menthol tobacco vape, with 100% success in continuing to reduce my nicotine intake to my 0% goal. As a note: several non-functional VUSE-Type pens inhabited my bin! To be immediately replaced by my adored V.Pen
    - A. Vincent
  • Awesome!!!!!! I use this everywhere and it not ever let me down great battery life on full charge, always bice hits, and the fact that its refillable and i can use my (SPECIAL) oil is awesome, no one ever knows the difference, i use this in supermarkets, malls , at work in the office, and no one is any wiser, 10 stars if i could..
    - Budster


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