About Us

Delivering the easiest, most affordable, effective vaporizers on the market since 2013. ACCUVAPE is100% woman-owned and operated, based out of MI. ACCUVAPE can be found in retail locations throughout all 50 states, with limited distribution toDenmark, Germany and the UK. With over 450 retailers nation-wide and one of the highest client retention rate in the industry, we believe we’ve built a good foundation with our customers.

What makes ACCUVAPE different from the rest of the competition? LOTS

Customer Service is King
We have live customer support 6 days a week from 9am-9pm EST. If we don’t pick up it’s because we’re assisting another customer and will call you back as soon as we’ve ended our last call. We also have customer service on line at info@accuvape.net. Email us anytime and we’ll try to solve your problem quickly and courteously.
Lifetime Warranty on Vulnerable Parts
Every unit carries a warranty on the most vital parts of your vaporizer. Warranties are quick and easy through your retailer or through our website www.accuvape.net. Minor shipping and handling fees are required as well as proof of purchase.
Parts, Parts and More Parts
We carry every part necessary to keep your ACCUVAPE hand-held portable vaporizer in tip-top shape. Never go without your vape! Contact your local retailer for any needed replacement parts or visit www.accuavpe.net and buy directly online.
We want you to enjoy every aspect of the ACCUVAPE Experience, from purchase to extended use. Drop the bulky, messy mods, and break on through to the other side…while leaving your wallet full. Once you experience the ACCUVAPE difference, you’ll agree.
No Mods…ever!
We don’t believe in 3-in 1’s (mods, or vaporizers that provide numerous attachments to vaporize solid or liquid concentrates or dry smoking mixes). Mods don’t vaporize each medium equally, so users tend to vaporize only what works best, then those attachments inevitably break and the unit retires to the junk drawer. ACCUVAPE believes no vaporizer should end up in a junk drawer, which is why we only carry medium specific vaporizers with the best customer support and replacement parts in the industry. Medium specific vaporizers are designed to only vaporize one medium (solid concentrates, liquids or dry smoking mixes). This creates a better performing vaporizer and give you the vaporizer you WANT, at a price that won’t make you think twice.